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Ilustration by: Natalie Herington

The Postman’s My Mate

Join Charlie on an adventure as he unwraps a world filled with surprises and imagination.

When his very best mate, the postman, arrives with a mysterious package, Charlie’s day transforms into the best birthday ever!

What’s inside: rockets, pirates, dinosaurs, or something entirely unexpected?

Join Charlie and his animal buddies on this charming journey where creativity, imagination, friendship, and the joy of recycling all come together. What’s in the box?

 Author Kelly Louise Jarris


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am so honoured to be finally living the dream and sharing my stories with the world. As a busy mum of four I have spent a lot of my time doing the most rewarding job of all, raising our four beautiful sons with my wonderful husband.

Back in 2011 I studied in Melbourne and was lucky enough to learn from published authors on how to write a Children’s book. Learning the basics was a great experience but creativity starts within. I decided at the time to release…