About Author Kelly Louise Jarris


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am so honoured to be finally living the dream and sharing my stories with the world. As a busy mum of four I have spent a lot of my time doing the most rewarding job of all, raising our four beautiful sons with my wonderful husband.

Back in 2011 I studied in Melbourne and was lucky enough to learn from published authors on how to write a Children’s book. Learning the basics was a great experience but creativity starts within. I decided at the time to release I Wish; now Wonderful Wishes on the App Store, the book hit number 3 on the app store in no time and the amount of positive feedback I got from parents was so humbling.

As the years have gone by I was blessed with one more little addition to our family and time got the better of me. I put my creative thinking cap away and raised the kids. My dream was to get this done as a physical book, a book my kids could hold and be proud of. So here we are.

They are all at school and I am now free to put that creative hat back on again and finally do something for myself.

In the past few years I’ve met some amazing authors, publishers, book buyers and people in the industry that have helped me grow my passion. If anything I’ve learnt to just do me, write how I love to write, and just be myself through my work. I don’t pretend to be anyone else, I write from my experiences with my own kids and from the heart.

My all time favourite moment was having kids dress up during Book week as the characters from my books. It was the best feeling. I spend a lot of my time reading to schools and kindergartens and meeting my fans and it’s so rewarding.