The Books

The Postman’s My Mate

Join Charlie on an adventure as he unwraps a world filled with surprises and imagination.

When his very best mate, the postman, arrives with a mysterious package, Charlie’s day transforms into the best birthday ever!

What’s inside: rockets, pirates, dinosaurs, or something entirely unexpected?

Join Charlie and his animal buddies on this charming journey where creativity, imagination, friendship, and the joy of recycling all come together.

What’s in the box?

Wonderful Wishes

From rubber cars to cake eating dinosaurs this delightful tale is designed to take little imaginations on an entertaining journey before bedtime.

  Rosy Sale was the illustrator for Wonderful Wishes, my hand drawn stick figures given for reference needed just a bit of work, ok maybe a lot… the magic all happened when I handed her my story.

Rosy hand painted every single page and brought all the characters to life. I would have to say my favourite character and most kids I chat to love the Strawberry cake eating dinosaur.

Rosy was able to take these pictures and my words and bring Wonderful Wishes to life.

“You can see that this pair put their heart into this children’s story. The results are beautiful.”

Imagine Our Special Place

Imagine our special place is a lovely story about two sisters who go for adventures in the clouds. They get to eat raindrop shaped cookies and sip from a golden cup made from the sun.

Sophie is unwell and imagines what it is like to live in the sky.  The book is dedicated to my late sister Sharlene who showed us all what real strength is.

Sandunika Dissanayake was the illustrator, such a pleasure to work with. 

Cheese On Toast

“I don’t want this yucky roast.
I just want some cheese on toast.”

Mum has prepared a delicious roast for dinner full of healthy
vegetables like green beans, peas, and carrots, but her boy
is not pleased. Will mum be able to convince him to give it a try? 

This book has been received well, even being picked up by Collins and Readings.

I am so excited and adore reading this one to classes as the simple text gets the kids chanting the words. The illustrations are simple and definitely tell the story.
Illustrator, Bagindar Adr (Patittoo) did a great job. Make sure to look out for Crunchy the carrot who is hiding on each page.

Seasons of You

Seasons Of You

This heartwarming story came from a special place. I wrote this thinking about my journey as a new parent all those years ago.  After a miscarriage, each pregnancy afterwards felt extra precious and I guess I learnt not to take creating new life for granted. Seasons Of You is about the journey a mother takes during her pregnancy. As the seasons go by the mothers tummy grows and changes as well.

When writing this I imagined it would be a nice one to read to a sibling expecting a new family member or would make a perfect gift for an expecting mother-to-be. Reading this to large classroom groups has been well received they love the pictures that Sandunika once again mastered with her gorgeous illustrations.