Imagine Our Special Place (Hardcover)

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Hardback | 32 Pages | 216 x 216 mm

"Imagine Our Special Place" is a charming tale I wrote about two sisters who embark on magical adventures in the clouds. They feast on raindrop-shaped cookies and sip from a golden cup crafted from the sun. This delightful book gently touches on themes of grief, making it a comforting read for children facing similar experiences.

Inspired by my time with my father and sister, I witnessed firsthand the journey of patients and their families through palliative care. I saw the need for a tender and gentle picture book to help children navigate this emotional journey. The beautiful illustrations by Sandunika Dissanayake, created with Procreate, bring the story to life. On each page, Sophie carries her pink bunny plush, a fun detail for children to spot as they read along.

This enchanting book not only captivates with its magical adventures but also offers a gentle way for children to understand and process their feelings, making it a perfect addition to any child's bookshelf.

“Another beautiful book from Kelly Louise Jarris about the special bond between siblings.” (The Book Muse)