Seasons Of You (Hardcover)

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Hardback | 32 Pages | 216 x 216 mm

“Each season brings change. When the doctor told me about you, I knew my life would never be the same. I imagine the moment we finally meet. I will kiss you and give you a soft, gentle hug to welcome you into the world.”

Seasons of You is a perfect book for any growing family. Travel through Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Springtime. As Mum's belly changes through her pregnancy, so do the seasons.

This book is perfect as a gift for an expecting mother or a sibling eagerly waiting for the arrival of their new family member. With its bright, detailed, and beautiful illustrations and heartfelt descriptions of the seasons, this book is a must-have on the shelves.

“Adorable book, has been a perfect one to read to my two year old  as my belly grows.”  Review Susan S.